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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Factory Helper" <br /><br /> 1) Cleans and lubricates equipment.
2) Signals coworkers to facilitate moving product, during processing.
3) Measures amount of ingredients, length of extruded article, or work to ensure conformance to specifications.
4) Replaces damaged or worm equipment parts.
5) Tends equipment to facilitate process.
6) Mixes ingredients, according to procedure.
7) Turns valves to regulate flow of liquids or air, to reverse machine, to start pump, and to regulate equipment.
8) Starts machines or equipment to begin process.
9) Marks or tags identification on parts.
10) Observes operation and notifies equipment operator of malfunctions.
11) Places or positions equipment or partially assembled product for further processing, manually, or using hoist.
12) Removes product, machine attachments, and waste material from machine.
13) Reads gauges and charts and records data.
14) Loads and unloads processing equipment or conveyance used to receive raw materials or to ship finished products.
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