Nakatudde Mary Gender: 10 Skill: Give proper and true information. From:Uganda

Information will be delet... Gender: 33 Skill: Information will be deleted on post edit. Information will be deleted on post edit. From:Austria

Gender: Female Skill: From:Uganda

Nalwanga Zaharah Gender: 2 Skill: From:Uganda

Kisekka Ismail Gender: 26 Skill: Security guard From:Uganda

Nakiranda Maggie Gender: 19 Skill: Maid From:Algeria

Nambi Hanna Becky Gender: 4 Skill: I am a hard working 25 year old girl from Uganda. I have experience from Saudi Arabia as housemaid and i can work under pressure. I am looking for a job as waitress, store keeper, Nanny or sales lady. From:Uganda

Nakawombe Tewopister Gender: 0 Skill: From:Uganda

Inzikuru Diana Gender: 2 Skill: I am a 35 years old Ugandan mother with a 2 years maid experience in Saudi Arabia. I would love to switch to UAE for a nanny job for home or kindergarten From:Uganda

Nakiganda Sharon Gender: 2 Skill: From:Uganda