About Bendella

Bendella.com is a Ugandan based international social networking website owned and run by Bendella Media Uganda aimed at collecting, promoting and selling talent to people that matter. The website is currently under upgrade.

We (Bendella Media) came to find there is lots of unvailed talents lacking a cheaper opportunity to be discovered and come to the world scene. The best and easiest way we could make that happen is to come up with this beautiful opportunistic website.

What we do here is letting people create pages and share their talent videos, audios and images. We organise online competitions and encourage the audience to vote. Winners always get fully sponsored trips to auditon in the world's biggest talent shows.


Talent videos shared

The Bendella video database recieves 100 plus unique videos per single day .


Active members on board

We pride to register focused talented people looking up to a future.


Active individual pages

Whenever you are ready, you can create a page and people will start to follow you


Success stories

What we really know about Bendella is we never fail. We always find a way forward

Why Choose Us?

Our distinctive social networking service has distiguisihed us positively from our competitors over the decade.

We are universal

We take your talent with us wherever we go on the world map.

User Friendly website

Our website comes with a versatile interface to suit every talent.

Discover Amazing People

We have lots of people interested to see what you do.

We work in time

We have a prompt support system to help every member achive their goals.

Our History

We have come a long way and have met lots of challenges on the way but what matters to us more is to see people succeed with what they can do.