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Bendella registers over 100 new pages every day with new and interesting content.


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Bendella is an ever entertianing, interesting & active network that never gets you bored


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How Bendella Works?

Bendella is basically a social network for creating, managing and expanding an online fun base for a brand, service, talent, personality or public figure with out accumulating likes and followers.

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You can as well simply share information from your page from Facebook or Twitter

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Images, blogs and videos on the Bendella wall are a great way to tell your story.

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Stay active on your page and Bendella workshops to exchange ideas and opportunities.

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Accumulate a positive reputation to stay on top, and using the bendella shop service.

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Why Choose Bendella?

Everyone works so hard for success, but its not meant fo every body especially those who havent found Bendella.

Absolutely free

Bendella is a free social networking service, and always will be.

User Friendly interface

Equipped with networking features so easy to use.

Plenty of ideas

Bendella is a community rich with interesting new ideas, always.

We are international

We have extended our service beyond borders and territories.

Frequently Asked Question

Registration at Bendella is very simple and free. You can transfer from your existing Facebook, Gmail and Twitter account or feed your info direct to our database. Click here to register

Unlike other social networks where you need to first accumulate likes and followers, at Bendella, you only need to keep your page active and leave with us the job of getting you followers.

Bendella offers free non persuasive advertising and the main objective here is to popularise your brand or product in order to increase sales. Your product could be your self, your talent, business or company.

Download Application & Get More Features

Download the Bendella app and take us where ever you go. The Bendella app comes free with more interesting features and interfaces. Plus, you dont need to download updates as it updates its self automatically ounce you are connected.